Hi, My name is Gokul. I am pretty chill, laid back guy with lots of awesomeness! I am what you call a creative technical person. Most of the time I work as a technical analyst but sometimes I get this creative urge and I do creative work. I work in IT, Data analysis most of the time and DevOps sometimes (I am not much of a coder so there is that).

I am currently working for the Ontario HIV Treatment network as the IT Coordinator. I am working on my Bachelors in Technology from Thompson River University. Between work and university, I go to the Snakes and Lattes on College for some board game fun whenever I can.

That’s all from me. Please feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or tweet at me if you want to get in touch.


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Feel free to contact me regarding any questions or inquires. I will get back to you as soon as possible!